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about 1 year ago


TK & Kindergarten    8:30 - 2:00pm

1st - 3rd   8:30 - 2:30pm

4th & 5th   8:15 - 2:30pm

Friday (Restructured Day Schedule)

TK & Kindergarten   8:30 - 1:10pm

1st - 3rd   8:30 - 1:10pm

4th & 5th   8:15 - 12:55pm



7:30am - 4:00pm


about 1 month ago

Summer 2018 is here!!! 

We want to wish our students a great summer where they can have fun and explore Santa Cruz County and beyond.  Learning does not stop because you are out of school!! For those of our students that are going to summer school to keep their skills up, good for them!  For those not going to summer school, you also still need to keep your skills up.  

 All students should take part in local programs that will help you; for example, our public libraries have a Reading Program where students get to earn book bucks depending on how much they read. They then use these bucks at local retailers to buy things.  Stop by any of our Santa Cruz Public Libraries to sign up for the program, and while you are there, if your child does not yet have a library card, now is the time.  

Many of our local National Parks, like Big Basin and Henry Cowell, have events goings on where you can explore with the family.  Learn about our neck of the woods and inspire and peak the interest of your child to want to learn more.  

If you join our Live Oak School Facebook page (search for Live Oak School . . . . . LOSD) our Librarian and Facebook Volunteer posts ideas of local events and programs for our families.  Diana tries to find low cost or free events, but some may have a cost.  It is up to your family what you want to do and how far you want to explore.




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Campus Visitors
We maintain a safe campus and need to know who is on campus at all times. All visitors on campus must come to the office first and sign in to receive a visitor's badge. This includes parents, grandparents, professional visitors, deliveries, etc.

Gates will be locked on school days from 8:30-1:45pm.
Every Day Counts! Miss School, Miss Out!
Please remember to call in your child's absence every day they are out.

You can call our 24 hour message line at (831) 475-2000 ext. 300.


2 months ago

Together, students, staff and parents create a positive, challenging and supportive learning community. We teach and model respect for self, others and our environment. A strong foundation in academics and participation in the arts are both highly valued. Students have the ability to problem solve and work independently and cooperatively within a social or academic group. Learning is viewed as a lifelong journey that is joyful and prepares students to become responsible and productive citizens of our world.