Live Oak Elementary School Garden

Life Lab serves TK and K-5th grade students. “Life Lab Science is a core curriculum which integrates earth, life, and physical science concepts within the context of a Living Laboratory school garden.” The lessons promote science, gardening, language arts, math, art, social studies, environmental awareness, plant identification, team building skills, creativity, problem solving, and sense of place in relationship to nature. Students learn various components of organic gardening from composting to seed germination, water cycles, food systems, life cycles, etc. The garden provides a place for learning, unique “teaching opportunities”, space for kids to have fun and get dirty, and to make new discoveries.

Garden Wish List

Please leave small donations in the office or staff room clearly marked with Life Lab as their destination. Larger donations can be arranged to be dropped off in the garden either through myself, [email protected] or office staff by calling 475-2000. Thank you!
  • bags of potting soil
  • compost
  • tree stump rounds for sitting on 12-18 inches high
  • chicken coop
  • clear plastic containers with screw top lids
  • plastic bottles. I cut the bottoms off and put them over young plants so the birds won't eat them. Gallon milk jugs, juice bottles, large vinegar bottles, and soda bottles all work well.
  • plastic tubs or other large containers such as flip top containers and rubbermaid containers. 
  • Coffee grounds
  • Manure! And a way to transport it
  • Solar oven
  • sandbox with lid
  • countertop grain mill
  • night vision trail camera for wildlife viewing