Garden Videos

During the pandemic, Mrs. Kai has been making videos from the garden so that students can maintain a connection with the garden. Here are links to viewing the videos:
1. Welcome to the Garden
2. 6 Plant Parts                                                     6 Plant Parts Song
3. What are stems for?
4. Looking at leaves                                             Leaves for younger learners
5. Do plants eat soil?
6. Flowers!
7. Fruit!
8. All About Seeds!
9. A Walk in the Garden
10. Intro to Ecosystems
11. Ecosystem Dominoes
12. Ecosystems II
13. Grasshopper Ecosystem
14. Top Predator in the Garden
15. Ant Perspective                                  
16. Peat Pellet Instructional Video
17. Water Water Everywhere
18. Spring Awakening Scavenger Hunt
19. Plant Your Sunflowers
20. Decomposers in the Garden
21. Mushroom Spore Print