Principal's Message

Dear Parents,
Welcome to Live Oak Elementary School: a 2018 and 2020 California Distinguished School recipient. We are a diverse community dedicated to providing a nurturing and rigorous learning environment to the whole child. As a collaborative community of students, parents and teachers we seek to understand the strengths and challenges each student brings and work to provide equitable opportunities for success. 
Our students, in transitional kindergarten through grade 5, have the opportunity to get an early start with our award winning preschool program under the direction of our Child Development Department. This department also runs two high quality after-school programs, Kid Care and ASES (After School Enrichment and Sports). Educators are a community of learners. We continually strive for better ways to analyze our students’ needs and how we can best serve them. We meet as grade level teams to collaborate on and discuss the most effective strategies with which to teach reading comprehension, writing within the Common Core, English Language Development (ELD) and Common Core Math. Teachers have opportunities to observe their peers in the same and different grade levels via programs such as Instructional Rounds and Lesson Study. Classrooms are observed for consistency as well as innovative teaching practices.
Your children and your family are our first priorities. We share your goals to have happy, healthy, motivated, compassionate and knowledgeable children. Student leadership is a very important part of our school. The student council officers and class representatives design ways to improve their school. They lead assemblies and provide valuable feedback via surveys and student focus groups. We also have opportunities for parents to make meaningful contributions, such as participating in our unique Cradle to Career Initiative. Live Oak is a great community with loving parents, wonderful children and dedicated educators. Please come and visit Live Oak Elementary School, a 2018 and 2020 distinguished school and a wonderful community of learners.
Greg Stein
Live Oak Elementary School
MISSION STATEMENT: Live Oak Elementary School and Live Oak School District's mission is to empower, inspire and ensure equitable opportunities for every student to thrive. We teach and nurture the whole child in an academically rigorous, collaborative and innovative learning environment.