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Physical Education (PE), Music, and Art classes are provided for all TK through 5th graders at Live Oak throughout the year.

Our PE teacher aims to ensure students acknowledge themselves as athletes and challenge themselves to do their personal best.  These classes foster a positive relationship with exercise, health, and nutrition.

Music classes at Live Oak strengthen memory, facilitate language acquisition, enhance spatial and mathematical learning, and provide an edge in solving complex problems.  Students get the opportunity to learn how to play instruments and read music.  

Finally, students in all grades get to participate in our rich visual arts program with a focus on equity and inclusion. All students grow their imaginations while developing their skills as creative artists and critical observers.

Yearly Events:

-Family Arts Nights- Families and students are invited to attend this fun event sponsored by the Santa Cruz Arts Council. 

-Fifth Grade Fitness Testing- Each 5th grade student will be assessed on the State’s physical fitness test in the spring. 

-Track and Field Day- In May, students will be asked to participate in this district wide community building activity. Students will sign up for and compete in running and other track events.