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Weekly Classroom Visits and Weekly Check Outs

Classes come to the library each week for a story time and for book check out.  This is the time that the students get to choose their own reading materials which is vital to foster the love of reading.

Books are checked out weekly at Live Oak School as students come in with their class.  All books are due back to school the following week to be renewed or returned.  Please help your child find a safe place to keep his/her library books so that they can always be found when needed.  If your student misses a library day or forgets their books, he/she can come to the library at recess or after school to swap out their books.



Parent Welcome!! 

Parents welcome to come and volunteer in the library. Help needed in the following areas:

  • Shelving and straightening book shelves
  • Dusting
  • Translating Spanish books to English to build bilingual collection



·         We collect in our library used toothbrushes and empty tooth paste tubes. These items are turned in to purchase Birthday Books with one of our partners, ‘Live Like Coco’ to provide Birthday Books for all elementary students in our District.

·         We also collect in our library old & dead markers, pens and mechanical pencils. These items are turned in as well to ‘Live Like Coco’ to provide Birthday Books for all elementary students in our District and out into the Santa Cruz County Community.

·         We collect can tabs to help families who have children going through medical crises at the Shriners Hospital.  Can tabs that are collected, sent to the Shriners Hospital Friends and they recycle them and all funds are to help children whose families are struggling financially get the medical support needed.



  • disinfecting wipes
  • removable scotch tape
  • tissues
  • post-its
  • your unwanted/outgrown books
  • empty ink jet and toner cartridges
  • rubber cement
  • label sheets
  • heavy duty packing tape/book tape



I would be more than happy to take your family's unwanted and outgrown books off your hands.  I have a knack for finding homes/uses for all books that come my way.

When these books are received they may end up:

--- on the library shelves

--- on the shelves in our special AR library

--- used as prizes

--- used when a student moves to a new school as a going away gift

--- used for students on independent studies (so that families do not have to worry about lost library books)

--- sold for just a quarter to get inexpensive books in the hands of those students in need

--- baby books are given to encourage the new big brothers/sisters to read to the new baby

--- believe it or not, even the torn books find their way into my bookmark tin 

--- torn books may also be made into envelopes for the student run school mail